Vicki Glover
Here you can find my acting showreel, my fight reel, my presenting showreel, and the beginnings of my song reel. Other footage can be found by following the 'my footage' link on the links page. My acting showreel also contains some musical work.
  1. Showreel
    This is my acting showreel. Contains clips from Killer/Saurus, Fate's Funeral, Life on Earth Retold, Power Play and Passion Play.
  2. Presenting reel
    This is my presenting showreel. Contains clips from DRB Rally Sport, Product Information Videos for Appliances Direct and Coffee With The Coach.
  3. Fight reel
    Found weapons fight between Vicki Glover and Claire Richardson. Choreographed by Kev McCurdy and Cristian Cardenas. Filmed by Cristian Cardenas, APC Studios.
  4. Stereotype
    Me singing 'Stereotype' from new musical Guardian Angels (song reel in progress).