Vicki Glover
 A selection of some of the reviews I have received for my past work. Includes reviews for both film and theatre.
"Vicki brought a great youth to her role as Diana with a stark change the forthright Mrs. Lynde and gave a lot to the singing set changes." - Sharli Reynolds (audience member), Anne of Green Gables (with Redhead Reach, as Diana Barry/Mrs. Lynde)

"The Lady of Shalott scene is inspired, where we didn't actually see Anne drowning. However, we 'saw' the scene unfold through Diana's pitch perfect recital. It is talent like this which makes me fall in love with theatre all over again... Vicki Glover as Diana Barry (and Rachel Lynde) is sublime." - Ria Amber Tesia, Ria Amber Tesia, Anne of Green Gables (with Redhead Reach, as Diana Barry/Mrs. Lynde)

"A smashing performance from Vicki Glover" - MJ Simpson, British Horror Revival, Killer/Saurus (with Creativ Studios Ltd., as Amy)

 "Vicki Glover as Lisa... brings a lot of spunk and girl-next-door appeal to the role, which helps make you easily understand why Jack likes her." - Jeffrey Long, The B-Movie Shelf, Jack the Giant Killer (with The Asylum, as Lisa Russell)

"Young talents and ones to watch for the future came in the shape of... plastic surgery receptionist Egora, played with flair and vigour by Vicki Glover." - Darren Burke, Doncaster Free Press, Facing Up (with ACTOne Productions, as Egora)

"Very impressive individual characterisation. Nancy was a charming mum-to-be, lovely expressions. Super comedy." - audience member, Blitz Bride (with Planet Rabbit Productions, as Nancy)

"The best [bits include] waitresses Natalie Brimicombe, Louise Carter and Vicki Glover's girl group pastiche Tastes So Good..." - Charles Hutchinson, York Press, Going Grey (with Drip Drop Theatre, as Tilly)

"Vicki Glover's Emily Bronte is thought-provoking, purposeful and visually perfect." - Lynn-Marie Cunliffe, abigailsateliers, The Bronte Boy (with Encore Theatre Company, as Emily Bronte)

"Sweet-voiced Vicki Glover" - Kevin Berry, The Stage, Jack & the Beanstalk (with Stage Door Productions, as Jill)

"Vicki Glover as Eliza had me and my guest in stitches during the scene at Higgins' mother's at-home day..." - Lauren Ballinger, Dewsbury Reporter, Pygmalion (with Ebenezer Methodist Drama, as Eliza Doolittle)

"Engaging and passionate performances from [the] leading actors made for a gripping and dramatic production of Jane Eyre. Vicki Glover and Andrew Roe shone as the young governess and her headstrong employer, Mr. Rochester..." - Georgina Morris, Dewsbury Reporter, Jane Eyre (with Ebenezer Methodist Drama, as Jane Eyre)

"Vicki Glover was compelling as Sarat Carn, a young woman accused of killing her brother." - Adam Wolstenholme, Dewsbury Reporter, Bonaventure (with Ebenezer Methodist Drama, as Sarat Carn)